40 Year Old Dad of Two Melts 24 Pounds of Energy-Sucking Fat in 87 Days With New Lazy Exercise Hack

[thrive_leads id=’199′]How a little understood Jedi trick helped me fit into jeans I hadn’t worn since high school!

I don’t know how it happened…

Especially since I’d always said “I’ll never be like that.”

But it did.

It seems like one morning shortly after I turned 40, I woke up and looked in the mirror. I was shocked to see my belly lapping over my belt.


I was fat!

how to lose fat and gain muscle

This is how I felt on my 40th birthday

Not obese, mind you. Just this big beer belly sticking out.

Wasn’t very attractive. Maybe that’s why my wife was less “frisky” than in the past. And hot women ignored me. (That never happened in my 20’s or 30’s!)

But the worst thing that happened was when my four-year-old daughter came into the bedroom when I was dressing and asked,

“Daddy, why do you have boobies like Mommy?”

I was devastated.

And made a decision right then and there to do something about those man boobs.

(How I had secretly mocked “old guys” before with fat bellies and “moobs” was suddenly coming back to haunt me. I remember telling my wife to “just shoot me” if I ever got that way.)

You’d think I should have known better

After all, I have a degree in kinesiology and have been training athletes since I finished college.

I took extra courses on diet and nutrition so my athletes were in tip-top shape.

I knew HOW to eat healthy. I knew WHAT exercises to do in order to burn fat, stay lean and make my body that well-oiled machine it could be.

But at 40, it all started to fall apart.

I was desperate to get back into shape. After all, kids need BOTH their parents. And at the rate I was going, my two precious little ones could end up without a dad.

Or one who wasn’t able to keep up to them as they grew up.

I did NOT want to be one of those dads who was stuck in a chair while his kids had all the fun in the park – or at the zoo – or anywhere else families go.

Nope, I wanted to be out there WITH the kids, playing like I was still a kid!

I knew I needed to make changes so I had to figure out what to do…

And I’d like to share with you the real exercise hacks I used

(remember, I’m a dad with a busy career and two hyperactive kids so it’s not like I could spend three hours a day in the gym!)

But before I share these simple little secrets, let me tell you about my results…

Dropped 24 pounds in 87 days

Build your muscle without losing weights

I felt like this!

That’s about a bowling ball and a half…

Yup. Went from a 44 inch waist to a 34 inch waist.

And best of all, my wife is “in the mood” far more often than she used to be!

And nothing says “attractive” like a woman who is all over you!

(Hehe, she won’t leave me alone. But I’m not complaining.)

I’m giving you this blueprint for free!

Look, I’d like to GIVE you this amazing little blueprint.

After all, finding something that works is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

And for your family.

You want participate in their lives when you grow up, right?

Of course you do! You want your wife to do those things she used to do when you first got married, right?

Gain mucle and lose fat fast

This is what YOU want to do!

Fill out your name and email address and I’ll send you this fat-busting blueprint. No cost or obligation. Let’s just say it’s a gift from one dad to another.

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See You on The Inside,


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